Go to London!!

This is a blog made for Chaymae, Anna, Oliver, Arunas, in this blog we gona planing a travel to London, and we go to explain, how to go to london with what, where we go to go, and where we go to stay, we hope you like our blog.

Food of London

Fish and chips

ThisPlate is well simple and fast to do.It a very popular plate in the United Kingdom, can be including in the typical Fast Food.

And it simply consists of fried fish and chips, accompanied by vinegar of Malta and also with mahonesa, ketchup, sauce tártara, sauce of garlic etc.
The fish and the chips accompanied with mahonesa and Ketchup

The brakfast british

The brakfast Britsih is completed by:Coffe or te, eggs and toast bread. Also, add, ''jamón'', bacon or sausages for company.

Also, not forget, cereals with milk.

Is a Sandwich, salate, because the people not have time for eaing.
The tea
Is eating in the 16.00 hours and one british tradition. We can practice in the houses.
They can milk and suggar only, or limon.
The company sandwiches,pasts, ....
Is the principal food.