Go to London!!

This is a blog made for Chaymae, Anna, Oliver, Arunas, in this blog we gona planing a travel to London, and we go to explain, how to go to london with what, where we go to go, and where we go to stay, we hope you like our blog.

2 day!

Kensington Palace

only for 12,30pounds (15,60€), we can enjoy on the kensingotn palace.
-Kensington Palace is a royal residence set in Kensington Gardens in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, England. It has been a residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th century. Today it is the official residence of The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester; the Duke and Duchess of Kent; and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. Kensington Palace is also used on an unofficial basis by Prince Harry, as well as his cousin Zara Phillips[citation needed].
Until 1997, it was the official residence of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.
We only must go to the Queensway and then we can see the enormus kensignton palace with his great garden! see the serpentine is a lake inside the kensington palace.
If we wan to have time for other things we must be there at 9:30p.m and we go to enter at
10 p.m
Kensington Palace
Kensington palace.

Really if we go to London we can't miss the great... the global theater of shakespeare!,
when we finish with the Kensington palace it's the time to see the wrok place of shakespeare!
the Global theater!,
We need to tak the metro to ''Mansion House'' we need to walk a littel over the
southwark bridge Rd, and then we are. Shakespeare Globe Theatre was built in the year of 1598 and the location was the London's Bank side district. It was one of four major theatres in that area.


it's time for some free time!, what we can do now?,
we can visit ''Gordons wine bar'' becouse we go to take the Waterloo train to charing cross, we go to be over the Thames on train amazing isn't?
then in charing cross we go to visit ''the disney store'' relly near of. If we like Tintin we can also visit the Tintin store is relly near of it.

-Mmmh... we know is us las night in London... so.. we can enjoy of a littel party.. this las night befor we got the hotel...
If we wan to go to Pacha is just in the square in front of Victoria Station, feel Ibiza!
''London Pacha''http://www.clubbing-uk.com/images/logos/Pacha-London-logo-web.jpg,
-AKA!, is a other Disco in London, is on ''tottenham court Rd.'', we only must walk through new oxford street Foto

-but if what we wan is soming more relax... we can go to ''tottenham court Rd.'' metro is relly near of Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
if we wan to lisent to nice music and have some chill out.Foto